When an object is placed on a touch screen, the python script, written with Kivy, POSTs all three touch points to the local network. The local network will then determine the LP and orientation of the object.

We use a multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen that supports 20 simultaneous touch points. This allows us to accurately determine the pose of many objects placed on the same screen.

Note: Other types of touch screens, like those that use infrared touch, won’t work because Liatris requires multi-touch support.

Kivy provides an easy way to develop applications for touch screens and is compatible with Python.

The script is brief. Every time a point is read by the touch screen, on_touch_down() is called and an object called “touch” is passed to the function. touch.x and touch.y is the cartesian coordinate.

Kettle on touch screen

Touch screen reads 3 points. Liatris simulates the points.